Houghton Associates LLC is an independent acoustic consulting firm, providing insightful and meaningful advice for new construction and renovation projects. Architectural acoustics, sound isolation, mechanical noise and vibration control, and noise/vibration from transportation and other exterior sources are core disciplines.  The firm strives to be flexible in its design approach, able to accommodate the most demanding criteria, but also able to provide cost-effective, practical acoustic design when appropriate.  

The firm seeks to provide the most efficient and top level of expertise to its clients.  This allows design teams to move forward with confidence.  Discerning what the critical issues are is a key role for a consultant.  The trivial issues need to be dealt with expeditiously, but they must not be allowed to obscure the most important challenges.

The firm offers practical and innovative acoustic design and vibration control for building types from museums, libraries, education, mixed-use, laboratory, and office facilities, to recording and performing arts spaces.  A guiding philosophy is that all aspects of the design should work together to provide a seamless acoustic experience consistent with the intended character and design of each space.  An understanding of building systems, structural systems, exterior envelope, and architectural considerations informs our collaboration with the project team.  Equally, a strong understanding of the underlying physics allows Houghton Associates LLC to guide the team through technical complexities.


The firm is led by Benjamin A. Houghton, P.E. with over three decades of acoustic consulting experience, for projects large and small in many parts of the world.